Swine flu blows over, schools reopen in Pune

August 24th, 2009

PUNE - Schools in Maharashtra’s Pune city reopened on Monday after remaining closed for at least two-weeks following the increased risk of deadly H1N1 virus spreading in the city.

Schools were closed as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of swine flu among students, which claimed at least 60 lives across the country with the maximum cases coming from Pune. Twenty-three deaths were reported in the city.

Though the virus has subsided, school authorities are still monitoring each student for flu-like symptoms.

Jayshree Venkatraman, the Principal of DAV Public School, said students are being made to clean their hands with sanitizers and teachers are monitoring the students with flu-like symptoms before they enter the school premises.

“The school buses were fumigated and after every two hours we are sending sanitizers to the classroom to ensure that children wipe their hands with the sanitizers or wash their hands very frequently using the washrooms or wash basins available and of course, teachers have been oriented,” said Venkatraman.

“At entry gates, we are having teachers to ensure that children having cough, cold, fever do not enter the school premises and even in the classrooms, the class teachers are oriented to check whether ant child is suffering from cold and fever is not sitting in the class. Those students are identified and quarantined in one of the classroom and the parents are called and asked to take the children back home,” Venkatraman added.

Parents are also happy at the way school authorities are taking precautions at every step to contain further spread of the virus.

“There is fear but how long can our children miss their schools? I attended the school meeting before and the school authorities are taking every precaution. I do not think so there should be any problem,” said Yogita Joshi, a parent.

Meanwhile, some schools have chosen to remain close to let the condition improve further. (ANI)

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