Brain Cancer Patients Don’t Give Up Hope

May 29th, 2008

Jim Owens, Maria Hartmann and Sara Bennett, they are not pals or known to each other. Yet they share a great similarity. All of the three were diagnosed with brain cancer. But the greater similarity lies somewhere else. All of them are fighting for their lives and are optimistic of it. Just listen to them:

Jim Owens, vice president of a construction firm, was diagnosed with brain tumor in 1998. He could recognize his first symptom when he had a seizure at the end of the workout. He next opted for radiation and chemotherapy. But he never gives up his hope and lives a normal life as he got married and is now a happy father of an 8 year old child.

Maria Hartmann was diagnosed with malignant Glioma in 1998. Now after 10 years, she lives with conventional chemo and radiation twice a day and is hopeful of her life. She does not believe in statistics and past records. She is a firm believer in herself.

Sara Bennett, an office supply store employee, was diagnosed with left temporal lobe Glioblastoma. She faced with several problems like headache and memory loss. She was sent to Cleveland Clinic where she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Soon, she will start radiation and chemo. She feels strength and is thankful to the God.

Source: Web Med

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