Billion Dollar Pakistan Medical Tourism Industry in Kidney Transplantation Shuts Down Overnight -

May 17th, 2008

The one billion dollar kidney market in Pakistan received a major setback when the Govt. has banned the trade of human organ in the country. The ban has forced thousands of kidney patients to look else where for a donor. In can be mentioned that Pakistan is one of the biggest markets of human organs in the world. Lax regulations in the country had helped the kidney transplant industry to attract more people across the world. But the kidney market was almost collapsed at the ban a few months ago. And now it will directly effect the medical tourism itself. The new law allows only a relative to contribute kidney except in rare circumstances. Foreigners have to provide own donors from outside the country.

The private kidney transplant hospitals and clinics as well as the patients from the western countries are disappointed at the decision. Abdul Waheed Sheikh of the Adil Hospital, said that number of foreign patients have reduced significantly after the ban. Prior to the ban this 100 bed hospital in Lahore have a record of performing 500 kidney transplantation surgeries in a year for the foreigners.

Pakistan had no legal framework for kidney transplantation before the govt. introduced the ordinance last September. Majority of the donors are poor villagers. They sell kidney to provide monetary support to their families. The govt. took the decision after receiving pressure from various groups and complaints from the poor donors on the kidney brokers.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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